Rack and pinion transmission for the current use of more cost-effective mechanical transmission, rack and pinion generally with cylindrical gear transmission, gears can be used in conjunction with racks, gears and gear shafts and other products to achieve different purposes.

I. Rack and pinion:
Rack and pinion is equivalent to the indexing circle radius of infinity cylindrical gears, divided into straight and helical racks, respectively, with straight and helical cylindrical gears and cylindrical gears paired use. The tooth profile of a rack is straight rather than involute (or flat for tooth faces).

The racks can be butt-mounted to any length. A locating pin is required to install the rack, and the clearance between the two racks must be adjusted to match the pitch of the teeth during assembly.

1. Position and tighten the rack;

2、Position the next rack with reverse tooth gauge;

3、Check each interface one by one, and test the parallelism of rack and pinion with round rod.

II. Gears:
Gears are wheel-like mechanical parts that rely on the meshing of teeth to transmit torque.

Gear through and other toothed mechanical parts (such as another gear, rack, worm) transmission, can be realized to change the speed and torque, change the direction of movement and change the form of movement and other functions.

Gear teeth interlocked gear will drive another gear to rotate to transmit power. Separate the two gears, you can also apply the chain, tracks, belts to drive the two sides of the gear and transmit power.

Due to the advantages of high transmission efficiency, accurate transmission ratio and large power range, gear mechanism is widely used in industrial products.

Gear use 7 precautions:
1, first confirm whether the gear is installed in place before starting.

Avoid using without backlash.

3、When there is abnormal noise and vibration in operation, please stop the machine to confirm the gear meshing and assembly.

4、Gear contact should not be biased to one end.

5、Do not touch the gear when it is rotating.

6、If the gears are exposed to the outside, please install a protective cover for safety reasons.

7, there is proper lubrication.

Rack and pinion transmission is now widely used in packaging machinery, automatic machine tools, printing machinery, manual rocker arms, automatic work platforms, manipulators, servo motor power transmission, woodworking machinery, CNC machine tools, oil pumps, planetary gearboxes, drilling machines and other equipment.