Ball screws play an important role in the medical equipment industry in the following ways:

Precise positioning of imaging equipment: In medical imaging equipment (e.g. CT scanners, MRI, etc.), ball screws are used to accurately control and position components such as scanning heads and patient beds. High-precision ball screws ensure precise positioning of imaging equipment during scanning or treatment, improving the clarity and accuracy of images.

Surgical Robot and Arm Control: Ball screws are used to control the movement of surgical robots and arms in minimally invasive surgery and precision surgical systems. These systems require highly accurate motion control, and ball screws provide stable, reliable power transmission to ensure precise and safe surgical operations.

Bed and Patient Transfer Equipment: Ball screws are also widely used in hospital beds and patient transfer equipment to adjust the height, angle and position of the bed. These devices require flexibility and reliability, and ball screws provide smooth, precise adjustments to meet the needs of different medical operations.

Medical devices such as pacemakers and syringes: Ball screws are also used to realize precise mechanical movements in small medical devices such as pacemakers and syringes. These devices require highly reliable components to ensure accurate operation, and ball screws provide stable power transmission and precise control.

Rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment: In rehabilitation and therapeutic equipment, such as physiotherapy beds and exercise beds, ballscrews are used to adjust the angle and position of the equipment to assist in the rehabilitation or treatment of patients. The precise control of ball screws can provide personalized rehabilitation programs and ensure that the therapeutic effect is achieved.

To summarize, the application of ball screws in the medical equipment industry covers the fields of imaging equipment, surgical systems, beds, small medical equipment and rehabilitation therapy equipment, which provides precise, stable and reliable mechanical control solutions for the medical industry, and promotes the development of medical equipment and the enhancement of medical services.