YOSO Ball Screws have important applications and roles in the machine tool industry:

Positioning and motion control: Used for positioning and motion control of machine tools, including spindles, feed axes and servo systems, etc., YOSO Ball Screws provide high-precision positional control and motion transfer to ensure machining accuracy and stability.

Enhance machining accuracy and efficiency: The high accuracy and rigidity of YOSO ball screws enable higher machining accuracy, ensure precise positioning and movement of workpieces, and enhance machining efficiency.

Promote automation and intelligence: Combined with servo drive systems, encoders and control systems, it realizes automated operation and intelligent control of machine tools, improving productivity and machining functions.

Load carrying and stability: The rolling contact method can withstand large loads, making it suitable for machine tool applications where load transfer and stability are critical, keeping friction and wear low to ensure stable operation and long life.

Support for multi-axis and complex motion: It can work with multi-axis systems and complex motion control systems to realize multi-axis linkage and flexible and diverse machining operations.

The application of YOSO Ball Screws not only improves machining accuracy and efficiency, but also promotes machine tool automation and intelligence and advances in machine tool manufacturing technology, making them an indispensable key transmission element in machine tools.