2024 Metalloobrabotka Russia trip has come to a perfect end, as the world’s top machinery exhibition and industry exchange forum, this Metalloobrabotka collection of Russian-speaking areas, Central Asia, Eastern Europe, Asia, more than 1,300 well-known enterprises to participate in, as Russia’s number one trading partner, more than 500 Chinese enterprises to participate in the grand event, showing confidence and determination in the Russian and Russian-speaking markets. As the No.1 trade partner of Russia, more than 500 Chinese enterprises participated in the event, showing their confidence and determination in Russia and Russian-speaking market!

Jingpeng Machinery is full of confidence for this first participation in the Russian exhibition, according to the Russian Customs data, this year the Russia-China trade is expected to be much more than 200 billion U.S. dollars. This time, JingPeng Machinery is one of the very few companies that directly exhibits with super-large-sized screw products. Many large-sized screw samples on display demonstrated the confidence of Jingpeng Machinery in the high-end non-standard customized products of its own brand YOSO, as well as the production capacity and standards of its own factory.

After 5 days of exhibition reception, more than 400 groups of customers into the YOSO booth, thanks to the professional Q&A of the colleagues on the spot, coupled with the exhibits intuitive display, looking at the Russian market for the demand of transmission machinery products, Jingpeng Machinery trip with KGT non-standard customized large screw rod attracted most of the attention and interest of the customers who visited the exhibition, so that the people of Jingpeng happy is the recognition of new and old customers directly on the spot and order.

The exhibition YOSO transmission machinery products harvested customers like, so that the first time to participate in the Russian-language exhibition of the Jingpeng machinery not only harvested the market front-end information, more in-depth understanding of the market and customer demand, expectations, and firm up the strategic layout of the Russian-language market of the Jingpeng machinery, looking forward to the end of the year in Russia, another industry exhibition, and also look forward to the Metalloobrabotka2025 again sail!