What are trapezoidal screws and nuts used for?
This type of component is common in a variety of industries. These screws and nuts are used in CNC lathes, boring machines, milling machines and thread cutting machines. With the help of these components, you can move work elements with high speed and accuracy without labor costs.

Advantages of the components
Speaking about the advantages of trapezoidal screws and nuts, the following points should be emphasized:

Low cost compared to other drive systems;
Ease of installation and use;
Long service life;
Simple maintenance, if necessary, and availability of spare parts;
Ability to implement systems containing self-braking elements.
Types of trapezoidal screws and nuts
As for the type of components, they are usually made of cold-rolled steel. Stainless steel parts are less common.

As standard, the screws come with a right-hand thread. If you need a left-hand version, you can order it.

Nuts are divided into round and flanged varieties. They are made of structural steel and bronze. Stainless steel trapezoidal nuts can be purchased if needed.