Recently, we had the honor to receive esteemed customers from Turkey who visited our office and factory, showing great interest in our large lead screw models. This visit not only deepened mutual understanding but also laid a solid foundation for future cooperation

During the tour, we detailedly introduced our large lead screw models to the customers, including FDVC12020TR+1150LC2, FDVC12520TR+1150LC2, FDVC12020TR+5340LC2, FDVC12520TR+5340LC2, FDIC12020TR+3936LC3, and FDIC12520TR+3936LC3. These models possess unique advantages in both structure and performance, satisfying various demands for high-precision and high-efficiency transmission.

Firstly, our large lead screws are made of high-quality materials, precisely machined, and heat-treated, ensuring high rigidity and wear resistance. Secondly, our screw pairs adopt advanced lubrication methods and sealing structures, guaranteeing stability and longevity under high-speed and high-load working conditions. Additionally, our large lead screws feature high precision, low noise, and low vibration, providing customers with an excellent transmission experience.

During the tour, the Turkish customers spoke highly of our products and expressed their desire to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with us in the future. They commented that our products excel in both performance and quality, perfectly meeting their requirements.

This visit provided us with an opportunity to showcase our products and technical capabilities to the Turkish customers, while also deepening our understanding of customer needs and market trends. We will continue to strive for improving product quality and service levels, providing customers with even better products and services.

Finally, we would like to extend our gratitude to the Turkish customers for their visit and support. We look forward to working together with you to create a bright future!