Linear guide product characteristics and use of precautions

■ About use
①YOSO’s linear guide is fitted with a retainer, and although the balls will not easily come off when the carriage is removed, the balls may come off if the carriage is removed from the slide at high speed or inserted diagonally into the slide. Remove and install the slider carefully and cautiously.
② Be sure to avoid hitting the ball return groove cover, otherwise the circulation of the balls may be affected, resulting in poor sliding.
③If there is a requirement for rust prevention, please give preference to products made of vacuum chrome plated surface treatment or stainless steel SUS440C series.

■ About maintenance (supply grease)
①Grease forms an oil film on the surface of the steel ball and the rail surface of the linear guide, effectively reducing friction and preventing sintering.
Reduced grease and aging will greatly affect the life of the linear guide, so please add grease at the right time according to the conditions of use.
YOSO’s linear guide is sealed with the following grease at the factory, so it can be used directly.
②Recommended greasing interval:
Normally every 6 months
If the distance traveled is longer than 3 months, or if the distance traveled exceeds 1000km within the time limit, 1000km shall be used as the standard.
*The above is the greasing interval for the standardized distance of travel. Depending on the operating environment, the greasing interval must be appropriately shortened when the grease is aging and heavily soiled.

■ Precautions
For your normal use, the installation of linear guide needs to meet the following four points
①Whether the shape of the mounting surface produces interference
② The flatness of the workpiece mounting surface to maintain about 5μ, otherwise the slider will produce a slight deformation
③ guide parallelism and with the height of the error value in the installation of permissible values
④Use standardized mounting method