Ball screws are usually able to smoothly carry out linear reciprocating movements, but one thing must be mentioned is that the ball screw mechanism in the selection of motor, pay attention to the motor and the degree of cooperation with the screw, in order to make the two in the whole movement system to work smoothly. Once the two are not enough to match, there will be a large gap problem, affecting the smoothness of the linear back and forth movement, can not be carried out smoothly. Ball screws and motors once the coordination is not good enough, it is more likely to appear so several situations:

1, Poor rotation

Coupling combination is not strong enough, or that the coupling itself is not rigid enough, the movement between the screw and the motor will appear to rotate poorly. This situation will lead to the efficiency of linear motion can not be improved at the same time, thus affecting the accuracy.

2. Generation of sliding

If the rigidity of the drive structure is lacking, there will be a sliding phenomenon when it is not well adapted to the gear drive. This is also one of the performance of the screw and motor with insufficient fit.

3, Gap between the components

As an example: the key is loose or the keyway is not good with the case, that is, between the ball screw and the motor appears between the loose and do not match, naturally there will be a gap, will lead to linear movement of the reverse movement is impeded.

Ball screw with the motor, must be based on the performance and characteristics of the two to carry out the appropriate selection of matching, only the two with a good understanding to en

sure that in the process of use is smooth enough to ensure that the linear back and forth movement is not obstructed, and can be smooth and efficient down the road.