HANNOVER MESSE April 22, 2024 -26 days in Hannover, Germany held a grand. The exhibition upholds the concept of professional innovation, the world's industrial intelligence AI prospects for the application of the transmission industry, the world's leading-edge standard exhibition!

HANNOVER MESSE 2024, energizing a sustainable industry! At the world's leading industrial trade fair, companies from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and digital industries as well as the energy sector will come together to present high-performance and sustainable industry solutions. More than 4,000 companies will act as an interconnected industrial ecosystem, demonstrating how electrification, digitization and automation can lead to climate neutrality.

As a resident company of HANNOVER MESS, Jingpeng Machinery is still present in Hall 6 of HANNOVER MESS this year. This time, Jingpeng Machinery has brought a full range of samples covering transmission products to participate in the exhibition, among which the specifications of miniature guide rails are more complete and abundant than those of other brands in the market, so that the transmission precision can be made to your heart's content.



In this exhibition, Jingpeng Machinery Shijiazhuang team and EU Poland team formed an expedition team, from April 22nd to 26th for five days of exhibition harvest.

Thanks to the colleagues of EU team for the booth construction and exhibition records, the business team continued the corporate culture of Jingpeng old with new, both experienced salesmen, but also gave the new salesmen the opportunity to feel the exhibition and learn the practical experience.

"Going out and seeing the world" has been the original intention of foreign trade when Jingpeng Machinery was founded.

As always, Jingpeng machinery through the exhibition to understand the latest market trends, learn from the world's leading industry elite, close to customers, understand the needs, and always implement the customer first values, firmly believe that the customer is the best teacher of the enterprise, only continue to participate in the industry's world-class exhibitions face to face with the customer, and the world-class group of companies in the first line, in order to absolutely reach the customer needs, and then provide more excellent transmission machinery products

During the 5 days of on-site industry exchange, Jingpeng team with professionalism and full of service enthusiasm, received friends from the world on the world's leading HANNOVER MESS!