YSR Series Linear Guideway Replacement for PMI MSB E/TE Series

Place of Origin China
Brand Name YOSO
Certification CE,ISO

Product Details

Product Name: Width Of Guide Rail: CombiWidth Of Height:
Linear Guide Rail 52-73mm 24-33mm
Type: Material: Slide Rail Height:
Linear Rolling Guide S55C 12.5-18mm

Product Description

Linear guide rails, also known as linear motion guides, are mechanical components that are used to guide and support moving parts in a linear or straight line motion. They consist of a rail or track that is typically made from aluminum or stainless steel, and a carriage or slider that moves along the rail. The carriage or slider is typically made from steel or plastic and contains rolling elements such as balls or rollers, which enable smooth and precise movement.

Model No. Assembly(mm) Block Dimension(mm) Rail(mm)
H W2 E W B J t L L1 QX T1 Oil Hole N W1 H1 OD h Od F
YSR15C 24 18.5 4.5 52 41 26 7 40.1 23.1 M5X7 5.5 M4X0.7 5.7 15 12.5 6 4.5 60
YSR15LC 56.8 39.8
YSR20C 28 19.5 6 59 49 32 9 50 29 M6X9 6 M6X1 12 20 15.5 9.5 8.5 6 60
YSR20LC 69.1 48.1
YSR25C 33 25 7 73 60 35 10 59.1 35.5 M8X10 8 M6X1 12 23 18 11 9 7 60

Tips for ordering linear guides and linear guide blocks:
(1) Please tell us the width of the linear guide: e.g. 9 mm.
(2) Please tell us the size code of the linear guide block? e.g. MGN9C, HGH15CA, etc.
(3) What is the length of the linear guide you need? For example: MNG91R80MM; 1 guide block on 80 mm linear guide.

We can replace HIWIN model:

Our advantages in linear guide EG series:
1. complete sliding unit system with high precision for deviation-free movement.
2. Long service life.
3. timely delivery and good service.
4. large stock, low wholesale quantity.
5. ISO9001:2008 quality system certification.
6. Competitive price, good quality and fast delivery.
7. Quick reply to e-mail or fast problem solving.
8. Honest cooperation and service.