Arc guide rail YCR

The installation method is more flexible. The gear-driven slide moves in an arc on the arc guide rail.

YOSO Circular Guide Rail Series
Arc linear guide have roller type linear guide rails and ball type linear guide rails,Canform precision ring guide rail;Coupled with the driving system,it can form a precision ringassembly line,ring production line or ring assembly line and other cycle lines.This kind ofguideway circulation line,more compact structure,higher positioning accuracy,moreconfiguration options;In many ways,it outperforms traditional delivery lines.
Modern production factories,always constantly looking for ways to reduce production costs,an automation direction is:put each station as close as possible together,reduce the work piece in the distance between the station,and minimize the footprint of space;To achieve this,you need the work piece to do ring motion,you need to use ring line. There are two types of ring wires,traditional non-guide and precision guide,which are described as follows:
Belt conveyor line,is a relatively simple structure,wide conveyor belt around the two rollers separated by a certain distance,the roller rotation,conveyor belt movement,drive the work piece on the belt move.Roller conveyor line and belt conveyor line,the principle is similar,except that the belt is replaced by a number of densely arranged drums.Non-guide way ring line,the work piece is fixed on the belt or roller,is not rigid,is generated by the friction force of gravity,and can not well limit the work piece left and right,front and back and up movement.In order to prevent the work piece from falling out,it is necessary to add a baffle on both sides of the belt or drum.Because the work piece is not fixed to the belt or roller,the work piece often vibrates;If the shape of the work piece is more complex,it will often be stuck together with the parts of the conveyor line.By the friction generated by gravity to fix the work piece on the conveyor line,it can not ensure good positioning accuracy,more can not put the conveyor line up vertical.The fixed work piece is not rigid,which limits the moving speed of the conveyor line.