■ Installation method of cross roller guideway
① Secure the slide rails A, B, and C to the slide table and base with bolts, and slightly tighten the slide rail D. (Fig. 1)
② Remove the end screws and insert the roller keeper assembly from the end. (Fig. 2)
③ Move the slide table from side to side to place the roller keeper assembly in the center of the slide.
④ Install the micrometer in the specified position. (Fig. 3)
⑤ Drive the slide table and tighten the adjusting screws a to e in the range of existence of the roller retainer assembly with a tool such as a torque wrench.(Figs. 4 to 6)
⑥ Perform the operation of 5 before the value of the micrometer is the minimum value and there is no change.
(7) When the micrometer value is the minimum value and there is no change, completely tighten the adjusting screws.
⑧Finally fix the slide D which was slightly tightened before.

■ Use cases
Crossed roller guide is often used in slide table products and is an important component of the crossed roller guide type slide table. By arranging the rollers in an alternating and orthogonal manner on two V-groove guides, the rollers move along the V-grooves while rolling and provide a guiding mechanism, which allows for superior motion accuracy.

■ Precautions
①Crossed roller guide is weak in impact resistance, and if it is dropped or too much force is applied to it, it will slide abnormally, so please pay attention to it when using it.
②Before reliable installation and fixation, the roller retainer assembly may fall off when subjected to external force, so please pay attention to this when using it.
③The screws on the end face of the slide are only for preventing the retainer from falling off, and are not to be used as a limiting mechanism. If you need the limit function, please design the special limit mechanism.
④Principle of pairing the whole group
The precision of the slide rail is based on the unit of the whole group to precisely control the error between them, when different groups of slide rails are mixed, it may lead to changes in the precision, so please pay attention to this when assembling the slide rails.
⑤Preventing cage deflection
When the slide is used at half stroke or high speed, the cage may shift due to inertial force when the slide stops. As a countermeasure to prevent the cage from shifting, it is recommended that the cage be placed in the center of the slide by making several full-stroke movements during use.
(6)Apply grease at appropriate intervals according to the actual conditions of use and environment.
Normally, the greasing interval is 6 months or 1,000km; if the travel distance is longer than 3 months and the travel distance exceeds 1,000km within the time limit, 1,000km will be taken as the standard. However, this is only the greasing interval for the standardized travel distance. Depending on the operating environment, the greasing interval must be shortened when the grease is aging and heavily soiled.

■ Application industry
Electronic appliances/automotive/semiconductor/automation equipment/numerical control machine tools/3d printing