Industries Equipment in use Use of bearings Contents
Automotive Transmission Deep groove ball bearings Used in gearboxes filled with lubricating oil, deep groove bearings are shielded to prevent metal powder intrusion. axial needle roller bearings are used in AT vehicles.
  Tapered roller bearings, etc.
Turbocharger Angular contact ball bearings Ball bearings are used instead of plain bearings to reduce frictional resistance at low speeds.
Steel Rolling drums 4-row cylindrical roller bearings Heated thick slabs are rolled to a certain thickness after passing through a roughing mill. The bearings are subjected to enormous bending stresses.
Paper making Dryer Automatic Spherical Bearing There is a drying process in the papermaking process, where the prepared raw materials are rolled on paper and the raw materials containing moisture are dried. One of the longer machines has a rotating mechanism with a width of 10 m. The bearing is used for this purpose.
Railroads Shinkansen Tapered roller bearings Bearing types with small radial dimensions and long widths are used. These bearings use splash lubrication and are susceptible to vibration and shock, so they are subject to strict environmental requirements.
Cylindrical roller bearings
Aircraft Engine 3-point contact ball bearings These are bearings used to support the main shaft of an engine. Cylindrical roller bearings carry radial loads and 3-point contact bearings carry axial loads. Used in high-speed, high-temperature environments, special specifications are used for materials and surface treatments.
Cylindrical roller bearings
Rocket Turbopump Combined Angular Contact Ball Bearings Located on top of the rocket motor, the turbopump has the function of introducing rocket fuel and transferring large quantities of fuel to the combustion chamber. It rotates at over 40,000 RPM per minute.
Generator Wind power Self-Aligning Roller Bearings Generally, bearings that can withstand eccentricity and have a high load carrying capacity are used. 1.5MW class uses bearings with an inner diameter of φ600mm.
Machine Tools Machining center spindle Deep groove ball bearings High-speed bearings are mostly air-oil lubricated. The bearings are double-rowed. For high speed applications, the rolling elements are reduced to minimize contact stresses.
 Angular contact ball bearings
Lathe spindles Multi-row cylindrical roller bearings Due to high machining loads, high rigidity, low dust generation ball bearings are used, mostly under grease lubrication conditions. The structure allows the rotary axis to be extended.
 Angular contact ball bearings, etc.