Ball screws have a variety of important applications in the automotive manufacturing industry, mainly in the following areas:

Electric and Intelligent Seat Adjustment System: Ball screws are used in the electric adjustment system of automotive seats, which can realize the precise adjustment of the seat’s fore and aft, height and tilt directions, providing ride comfort and driver’s comfort.

Door and Sunroof Control System: Ball screws are used in the door and sunroof control system to control the opening and closing of the doors and windows, realizing smooth and accurate movements, and improving the ease of use and safety of the doors and sunroofs.

Steering system: The electric power steering device or electric steering column in the steering system of automobiles also uses ball screws to realize the precise motion control of the steering mechanism, which improves driving maneuverability and comfort.

Automatic Transmission Control System: In the control system of automobile automatic transmission, ball screws are used to control the operation of the clutch and gear mechanism to realize smooth shifting and transmission effect, and improve driving quality and fuel economy.

Hood and Luggage compartment opening and closing system: In the opening and closing system of automobile hood and luggage compartment, ball screws are used to control the opening and closing action of the lid to ensure smooth and reliable operation, and improve the safety and convenience of the vehicle.

Body Stabilization Systems: In automotive body stabilization systems, such as Electronic Stability Control (ESC) or suspension systems, ball screws are used to adjust the height and stiffness of the suspension to provide better suspension performance and driving stability.

Production equipment for engine and chassis components: In the automotive manufacturing process, ball screws are widely used in the motion control of robotic arms, automated assembly lines and production equipment for producing engine and chassis components to improve production efficiency and product quality.

Overall, as a precise and reliable mechanical transmission device, ball screws play an important role in the automotive manufacturing industry, supporting the motion control, positioning adjustment and production assembly of various systems in automobiles, and enhancing the performance, safety and driving comfort of automobiles.