Ball screws have important applications in the aerospace industry, mainly in the following areas:

Flight Control Systems: In the flight control systems of airplanes and spacecraft, ball screws are used to control the motion and positioning of flight surfaces (e.g. ailerons, rudders, flaps, etc.). Ball screws provide precise mechanical transmission to ensure the flexibility and responsiveness of the flight control system to meet the control needs of the vehicle during different phases of flight.

Landing Gear Systems: Ball screws are widely used in aircraft landing gear systems for retracting and retracting the landing gear and controlling the positioning of the landing gear. The landing gear system requires precise positioning and stability, and ball screws provide reliable mechanical transmission to ensure the safe operation of the landing gear.

Engine Control: In aircraft engines and propulsion systems, ball screws are used to control thrust vectoring and nozzle orientation. Ball screws allow for precise adjustment of the position and angle of engine components, improving the maneuverability and efficiency of the aircraft.

Space Station and Satellite Applications: In attitude control systems for space stations and satellites, ball screws are used to adjust the angle of solar panels and to position satellite components. Ball screws provide reliable motion control in microgravity environments, ensuring proper operation and positioning accuracy of space equipment.

Aerospace Assembly and Test Equipment: In aerospace assembly and test equipment, ball screws are used to control and adjust the motion of workbenches, test benches and assembly platforms. Ball screws provide high-precision positioning and stability to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the assembly and test process.

Load Control and Simulation Systems: In spacecraft load control and simulation systems, ball screws are used to simulate spacecraft stress environments and control load transfer. Ball screws are able to withstand high loads and provide precise mechanical transmission to ensure the performance and reliability of the load control system.

Overall, as a high-precision and reliable mechanical transmission device, ball screws play a key role in the aerospace industry, supporting all aspects of vehicle control, positioning, landing gear systems, engine control, attitude adjustment of space equipment, and assembly and testing, providing important technical support for the development and realization of aerospace technology.